Trip to the zoo...

The weather was nice last Saturday so we decided to take a trip to our small regional zoo. The animals were cool, S really seemed to enjoy them - but they recently added a small water spash park that she LOVED. (Oh and by the way, our kid really isn't that tan....she is suffering for loving her broccoli and sweet potatoes....she's turned a tad bit orange!)

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Music with Daddy!

Here are some pictures of S helping Daddy play the guitar. She is such a musical kid. She claps along with any music she hears and sings along with the radio. Are you sure she isn't our biological child???


My how things change...

Here is a picture of S at 4 weeks getting a bath in the kitchen sink.Here is a picture from yesterday.


Houston, we have walking....

So I meant to post this when it happened, but got side tracked with school and stuff, but S is WALKING!!!!

She took her first steps on May 1st, and now is cruising around every where. She's gotten consistent with about 2-3 steps at a time and loves it.

I am so proud (sniff,sniff). Our little girl is growing up!!!!


Some Germany Pics Below....scroll down!

Technical issues...something to tie you over while you are waiting for Germany pictures!

Today I had a doctor's appt right next to this beautiful park. S waited paitently during the appt so we walked over to the park afterward. Here are some pics and video from this gorgeous day.


First Trip to Sea World

My friend Jeremy just returned from Afganistan and was visiting Florida. My mom and I took S to Sea World to hang out with him. Because he was in the military - we were his "dependents" for the day. We got in for free. So an entire day at Sea World cost less than 20 bucks! Thanks Jer! And great to see you!
Me, S and Jeremy at the Shamu show. It was so hot, that yes, I let my 10 month old drink lemonaide.

This is a hot and tired little S. Look at her poor tired eyes.

S exploring the map. Deciding where we will go next. She was talking the entire time. Almost like she was trying to tell us where she wanted to go.

In the gift shop. She loved the polar bears.

Nothing, I repeat, nothing...compares to the penguins! She loved them!



Planning on doing a lot of updates while sitting in front of the TV. Baby is sleeping and I'm finally ready to sort through these pics.