New Laundry Room

So about five weeks ago, we purchased a gently used washer and dryer set. It took us five weeks to find the time to dismantle the old laundry room, paint, and reinstall the new appliances. It still isn’t done, but it is functional and I can’t begin to tell you how happy it makes me to finish an entire load of laundry (wash and dry) in about an hour. Before, with our old set, each load took 2+ hours…so exciting. (Sheesh, I’m old…getting excited about appliances! Oh well!)

S discovered a new game in the laundry room. I did four loads of laundry with her “help”. Enjoy!


Teething Already

Hi, I’m L!


My teethies hurt. See?


This one riiiiight here…


This teether makes it better, but only a bit.


But my favorite teether is my thumb!


And yes, he is just 14 weeks. What a wild and different ride we’re on. Love it and love him!


This Explains So Much About Me

So this article:


Basically says that women purchase sexier clothes influenced by their hormones.

Sexier clothes when most fertile?

No wonder my wardrobe sucks!

Yet another side effect of infertility…great, just great! :)


Three Months Ago

IMG_0428Three months ago this beautiful boy entered our lives.

Three months ago, we weren’t quite sure it he would be ours.
But we wished, we prayed, we wished and prayed some more…three months ago.

Two days and three months ago, papers were signed in the hopes of giving him more than they could provide: stability, a house, an education, piano lessons, a big sister…

But don’t think for a moment that they did not love him. They loved him deeply and will always love him.

Because two days and three months ago, we witnessed love beyond measure. Pure. True. Love.

And we are eternally grateful for a new life began for us all…three months ago.


Can Someone Inform My Son?

So, L will be three months old tomorrow. Umm…so as he grows, I am even more convinced that he was at least SIX weeks overcooked. Can someone please inform him that he is only (almost) three months old?   Search results for Desktop

Because at (almost) three months old he is:

  • Almost 16 pounds
  • Laughing
  • Sitting up with only a bit of support, can sit alone for about 5 seconds
  • Smiles all day
  • Wears nine month sized clothes
  • Is in size 3 diapers
  • Rarely fusses
  • Loves to snuggle
  • Sleeps 12 hours a night

He is such a wonderful baby and we are so lucky to have this huge, handsome guy in our lives!