First trip to an art museum!

So when we went back to San Francisco to meet up with Liz and Fabien, we went to S's first art museum. It was a Chihuly Exibit at the de Young! S was so fascinated by the colors, and the rest of us enjoyed it too.

We went to this little park near the museum and let S swing for a while. She loves swings, and this park had so many Gaudi influences. There was a little bench like Parc de Guel and this cliff/cave thing that reminded me of the area under the park benches. Too cool.

We went back to Liz and Fabien's apartment after the park and had a quick glass of wine and cheese and crackers. It was wonderful to visit with Liz and Fabien and they were such gracious hosts- especially since they were leaving in 36 hours for a 2 month trip to France. Fabien even introduced S to Schnappi, the song that I love, and hate now...:)


From the Redwood Forests...

We pulled off a windy road in Northern California and found this grove of huge redwoods. Look how small the baby looks compared to the huge trees. The bottom pictures is three pictures stitched together. It was absolutly beautiful!

Picnic in Northern California

On the way back down to San Francisco, we stopped and had this amazing picnic at a campground. We hiked down to the water and put the baby's feet in. (It was COLD!)


Happy Birthday Baby!

Guess who is one!!