I usually don’t take S to the park. That’s M’s thing. Plus, I usually need to work on the weekends a bit, so they head out to the park to have some father/daughter time.

This weekend was different for a few reasons. First, with M’s back hurting from the accident – he couldn’t really pick her up the way he wanted to. So I went too.

I’m ashamed to admit that it’s been MONTHS since I’ve been to the park with S. M has been telling me that she can climb and explore just about everything now, but seeing it was incredible. That kid has NO fear and is able to do so much more independently.

We played for a while. I took a bazillion pictures of her on the swing. I liked the light and she was so cute in her little hat.DSC00590

We played for a while, but as she was sans nap, she got a little cranky toward the end. She threw a fit because there was some kid swinging on the swing she wanted. We went and had ice cream after and that ended poorly as well. This is why our kid MUST nap!

Apparently S and M have a little routine that they do at the end of a trip to the park. They run down the hill together and if S falls, she rolls the rest of the way down. She loved it so much that she ran down the hill a few more times. Oh to know joy like this…


Crash Into Me – Part 2

S’s version:

Somebody hit Papa’s car. Papa lay down. Papa go to hospitable. Papa has owie on neck.

N’s version:

I was expecting M home at any minute when the phone rang. He said, “I just got rear-ended” in a tone of voice I had never heard him use. Stunned. (Silly guy called me before 911). I told him I was on my way and told him to call 911.

I threw S in the car (not literally- but close) and raced to the accident scene. My heart was racing. I didn’t know what I would find.

It was dark and started raining. I had S in my arms as we walked over to the scene. The ambulance and fire truck were just arriving and there was a cop there too.

When we got to the car M couldn’t turn his head to look at me and he was shaking. They stabilized his neck, took him out of the car and loaded him in the ambulance. I was so focused on S and reassuring her that Papa was okay, that I didn’t really even get to talk to M before they took him away. It took FOREVER to get the police report and then I raced down to the hospital.

The girl who hit him was just 16…and she was just fine.

Luckily, my brother and sis-in-law were in the neighborhood and came and picked up S and took her to their house so I wouldn’t have to take my recovering-from-bronchitis kiddo back into the germ infested ER.

M HATED being strapped to the backboard. I mentioned that I once spent 8 hours strapped to one after my car accident (when I was 18) so I knew it sucked but he seriously needed to quit bitching. :) I was remarkably sassy that night, especially considering the circumstances. Sorry honey! We managed to have a few laughs and were so grateful that he wasn’t seriously injured.

Here are two pics from the ER.0212102149-00 0212102149-02

He came home a few hours later with some serious drugs, but was just fine. We went home and counted our blessings because it could have been SOOOO much worse.

The bummer of the deal is that there really wasn’t any damage to the car. There was paint transfer (in the outline of a bumper) and the trunk lid sticks out a bit now, but I tell you, our 1999 Civic is incredible and virtually indestructible. I think M was upset that there wasn’t more damage as he’s been itching for a new car for a while now. Since the Civic is apparently uber safe and paid off, it looks like he will not be getting his new car out of this. But, we were meaning to paint it anyway so it doesn’t look so crappy, so I think that might happen sooner than later now.

Once again, grateful that he was okay….


I know this feeling – and it scares me…

Today has been one of THOSE days. You know, the day that you SWEAR you’ve lived before.

It started last week. The cough we hoped would go away.

An ear tube that they put in last March fell out about 10 days ago and (shockingly) led to an ear infection.

Large doses of strong antibiotics were prescribed. We thought she was on the mend.

“Thought” being the operative word!

M and I went away for the weekend. Couples massages, uninterrupted dinner in a restaurant , a fancy, schmancy hotel, topped off with some fun shopping and walking around quaint old town St. Augustine late at night. So fun. Soooooo fun! We also attended an Adoption Seminar, but that should probably be a post on its own.

S went to my mom’s house for the weekend. Where she subsequently forgot she was potty trained AND her cough was increasingly worse. My poor Mom!! I owe her dinner or a vacation, or at least should pay to clean her carpets. S coughed a little Friday night. A lot on Saturday and last night, well – lets just say I’m running on fumes. No sleep was had by all. (Well M slept, but S and I didn’t.)

She had a coughing fit so bad that I thought I was going to have to call 911. Not kidding. It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night. But strangely I’ve been here before. S has been here before too. And it just plain sucks.

We had an early appointment with her pediatrician and after testing her for the flu and RSV and giving her a nebulizer treatment, her oxygen sats were still at 93 and little air was moving on her right side. So to the ER we went.

As you can see, this is the face of a kid who feels awful! My poor sweet girl! 0208101416-03

Her oxygen sats were better by the time we reached the ER (95). We went for for a chest x-ray and had another stronger breathing treatment.

Doctor said no pneumonia which was great news! Called it bronchitis with some viral component because the antibiotics weren’t working at all. Her ears were better, but since S is allergic to an entire class of antibiotics, the usual ones that would work, were not an option.

So $175 later (up from 125 last year), we were sent home with the exact same treatment plan that we left with.

And S still sounds awful.

As annoyed as I was about paying the 175 dollars, I’m glad she doesn’t have pneumonia. However, M took a positive spin on it saying that with the higher ER fees, at least we will reach our out of pocket maximum sooner this year….always the optimist – that man of mine….


Tutus….Don’t Leave Home Without One!


Thanks to dear sweet Aunt Tiffany (N’s cousin’s wife….) S now has her very own tutu. Which she refuses to leave at home. And wears all the time. Even on the potty – I know…gross…