Happy Halloween!!!

So originally we bought a ladybug costume for S. It was cute, but a little too dreary for such a cute little girl. So later on I found an adorable fairy costume (on clearance even) and it was too cute to pass up. But, what I didn't know was that the costume was sewn with really scratchy thread so she cried every time I put it on her. She was the saddest fairy of them all. I finally caught on that she would wear the costume as along as something was under it so it didn't scratch her.A nice surprise on Halloween was that we got a visist from Cousin D (and my brother and sis-in-law). He was a dinosaur and we took the kids trick or treating on our street. They didn't get the concept that they weren't supposed to enter other people's houses and every house we went to, we had to rescue one or the other out of someone's living room. They caught on to the idea really quick and as soon as we left one house, they would toddle off to the next one. They were so cute to watch.

Sarah even rushed up to a trick or treater's dog and tried to pet it. Seriously, the kid is not afraid of anything! I'm so proud. :)