15 months and eating with a spoon!

So Tuesday was shot day, and for those of you with kiddos, you know that this makes for a fairly miserable day. But we do have new stats and updates on Little Miss S!

She is now 24 lbs 14 oz
She is 30 inches tall.
She little noggin is still 18 inches in circumference. (It hasn't changed since March!)

I'm not sure how noticeable it is in the pictures we post, but it has been a concern of ours that her eyes are a little crossed. Not too much mind you, but enough to make her pediatrician want to send her to the eye doctor. It seems she has a condition called strabismus, which may require patches, glasses, or surgery.

Also, for those of you who remember - we had a scare back in the spring that her head was growing TOO fast, but now we have the opposite problem. Now it is not growing at ALL!! We have another appointment in 3 weeks to get her head remeasured, but it looks like we will be back to a few doctors in the near future. Bummer, since I was enjoying the doctor free (and co-pay free)time we've had lately.

And last, but certainly not least, here is some video of S eating with a spoon for the first time. And yes, we strip her down to eat dinner (don't mind the fat rolls...we still think they are cute!). Much easier than trying to get food stains out of her clothes all the time. She goes right into the bath after anyway!


How do I love thee, let me count the ways...

Last night S had a stomach ache from her new switch over to milk. She couldn't get comfortable and woke up many times throughout the night. I went in and held her for almost a half hour. While we were snuggling, it occured to me, as it always does in the dark as I feel her little warm body snuggling close, how much I love her.

I love the way that she likes to snuggle right before she goes to bed, usually with her face pressed to mine.

I love how her hair gets damp when she plays too hard and curls up into these little ringlets, especially at the base of her neck.

I love how she wanders around our living room with half of an english muffin, snacking and playing at the same time. I don't even mind the crumbs...

I love that how she pretends to touch the buttons on the tv, then shakes her head no because she knows she's not supposed to touch them.

I love the look of pride and accomplishment on her face when she learns something new.

I love to hear her laugh.

I love that she remembers where she hides all of her toys. (Hidden in pairs around the house, in pots, cabinets, and under tables).

I love her kisses.

I love that even though she is already fairly chubby, she makes the sign "eat,eat" over and over in the hopes that someone will feed her more.

I love watching her dance.

I love the way she climbs into my lap to read a book.

I love that she knows that she can trust 100% that we will come to her rescue when she needs it.

I love that even though she can walk independently, that sometimes she still takes my hand. Maybe we both still need that sometimes.

I love how she claps after she knows she did something right.

I love watching her play.

I love that when she's sitting in her high chair -she knows she's not supposed to throw food on the floor so she hides it under her instead. I pick her up and find mushed up food stuck to her.

I love how she has started to tell us what she wants.

I love how if you ask her if she wants to go "nite, nite" that she will walk herself into her room, gather her toys, and wait patiently for you to put her in the crib.

I love how protective I am of her.

I love how she gets jealous of me when I snuggle with M.

I love how she tries to give the cat kisses, and misses her face and usually plants them on the cat's back. What a patient kitty!

I love how she runs to the door every night when M gets home from work squealing with delight.

I love how she runs into the bathroom when she hears her bathtub being filled and tries to take off her clothes to jump into the bath.

I love how she hates brushing her teeth unless Daddy brushes his too.

I love how she runs to the door when you tell her it's time to go bye-bye.

I even love how she runs her fingers through her hair when they are covered with food.

I am blessed. We are blessed. And so in love.


Li-BERRY as M would say

Today we went to the library. I needed new books to take my mind off of educational theory and curriculum buzz words. So we went. S loves the chair in the corner by the kids section. She loves walking around the library touching all the books. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES books. She finally is starting to sit in my lap and listen to a story. Before she just liked to turn the pages, but now she is realizing that there is a story trapped within those pages. Amazing. I love watching her grow!

She loves climbing up and down on the ball glove chair. Here are some pics and some video! Enjoy!


Labor Day - Over the river and through the woods....

We had a leisurely Labor Day. Slept in, got some work done around the house, went to S's favorite place in the world (TARGET) and then headed out to my Mom's house for dinner. Walt cooked a great stew and we even managed to make it home at a reasonable hour to put S to bed. What a nice day!