15 months and eating with a spoon!

So Tuesday was shot day, and for those of you with kiddos, you know that this makes for a fairly miserable day. But we do have new stats and updates on Little Miss S!

She is now 24 lbs 14 oz
She is 30 inches tall.
She little noggin is still 18 inches in circumference. (It hasn't changed since March!)

I'm not sure how noticeable it is in the pictures we post, but it has been a concern of ours that her eyes are a little crossed. Not too much mind you, but enough to make her pediatrician want to send her to the eye doctor. It seems she has a condition called strabismus, which may require patches, glasses, or surgery.

Also, for those of you who remember - we had a scare back in the spring that her head was growing TOO fast, but now we have the opposite problem. Now it is not growing at ALL!! We have another appointment in 3 weeks to get her head remeasured, but it looks like we will be back to a few doctors in the near future. Bummer, since I was enjoying the doctor free (and co-pay free)time we've had lately.

And last, but certainly not least, here is some video of S eating with a spoon for the first time. And yes, we strip her down to eat dinner (don't mind the fat rolls...we still think they are cute!). Much easier than trying to get food stains out of her clothes all the time. She goes right into the bath after anyway!

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Lindsey said...

That video is cute. :) It was good to hear your voice and laughter in the background too--we should talk on the phone some time instead of just stalking each other's blogs!

My sister had a lazy eye when she was young and had to wear patches to help correct it. I think Bekah might have it too, so maybe we'll have two pirate daughters for a while. :P