Easter part 2

So after the baptism, we took a bunch of family pictures. Then we went back to bed for a while. Forgive the gratuitous bunny ear picture. I couldn't resist! S with Oma and Opa
S with Tanta Christine and Oma
S with Grandma and Mama

New family picture
S with Daddy
S with her baptism candle. It's supposed to be lit on the anniversary of her baptism. (We have a similar one from our wedding). Love the rainbow (circa 1988).
S with her godmother, Tanta Christiane S was so over her dress, but not her tights!

S's Easter Baptism

S was baptized on Easter. This was a huge goal of ours and it turned out to be a magical day. The service was at sunrise on Easter. We showed up at the church at 5:15am. It had snowed overnight. It's been a LONG time since I have had a white Easter.

M and I took S to a small chapel in another building separate from the sanctuary to get her dressed. We bought her dress in Florida. Expecting it to be cool in Germany, but not FREEZING!

After the silent meditation by candlelight portion of the service, which my mom said was beautiful, we walked over to the chapel. The church is part of an old monastery that was built in the 1600's. If those walls could talk...

There were 4 baptisms that morning. S and 3 teens who were preparing for their confirmation. S got to go first and she was fantastic. She even let the pastor present her to the congregation. (The pastor carried her up and down the aisle and then told the teens that he was going to do the same with them! Everyone laughed.)

After the service, we were surprised to find that 4 of M's best friends had made the long (early) journey to surprise us for the service. It was wonderful that they made it there. It was so touching.


First Plane Ride

Here we are before we left. We had so much stuff that we took on the plane.

Here is S's first plane ride. Some people take short trips as a first plane ride, but not us. We went all the way to Frankfurt, Germany. It was a long flight, but she did GREAT! She slept almost the entire way! Good girl!


Happy 9 months!

Here are her stats:

Weight 18 lbs 3 oz
Length 27 inches

Still short and stout...my little teapot! :)


Effective, yet not pretty

So S turns 9 months tomorrow. Her PT and her gastroenterologist are getting worried because she isn't crawling. But this morning, she developed her own crawl of sorts. Ignore my laughing. It's just too cute! :)


Visit with Grandma and Cousin Baby D

These two kids are so different.

In theory, they are just 3 weeks apart. But because S was 7 weeks early, they are gestationally 10 weeks apart. It's interesting, but S seems seems so advanced in some areas, and so behind in others.

One is tall and thin (not mine) and one is short and fat (mine).
One can crawl, one cannot (mine).
One is chatty(mine), one is not.
One is a social butterfly (arguably like his parents) and one is a watcher.

As different as they are, I have big hopes that they'll grow up to be close friends. If they can get past the hair pulling, eye poking phase!


Christening Bonnet

S and I did some shopping today. I found a beautiful gown for her christening later this month. Here she is in her new Carter's pink outfit and her christening bonnet.


S's New Do

Our birthmom told us she had never had kids with hair. I think now that S is here, she can no longer say that!

Another Cookie Eating Series

S loves her cookies. We just switched from some organic cookies to Gerber's. The Gerber ones actually crumble and get soft, so no more worries (or not as much) about her choking!


A Happier March!

So three antibiotics and one additional ear infection and S is finally doing better. She was such a trooper!

Welcome back!