Visit with Grandma and Cousin Baby D

These two kids are so different.

In theory, they are just 3 weeks apart. But because S was 7 weeks early, they are gestationally 10 weeks apart. It's interesting, but S seems seems so advanced in some areas, and so behind in others.

One is tall and thin (not mine) and one is short and fat (mine).
One can crawl, one cannot (mine).
One is chatty(mine), one is not.
One is a social butterfly (arguably like his parents) and one is a watcher.

As different as they are, I have big hopes that they'll grow up to be close friends. If they can get past the hair pulling, eye poking phase!


Tim said...

I know that he is your nephew and all, but that kid looks like an alien!!

I always liked having a cousin that was close to my own age (3 months difference!). Perhaps S will be close with her 'twin cousin' as well :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd watch out if I were you space nerd! I may look like an alien (in this 1 picture mind you) but I'll still kick your Jedi pajama wear'n ass!

But to your second point I do find it quite nice that Baby Sarah and I are so close in age. In fact last night we shared a wonderful meal of broccoli and cheerios in side by side high chairs. What fun! May the force be with you. BabyDalton