More Walking

Daddy is at work right now, and S just let go of her toy car and started walking across the room on her own. I boo hoo'ed for a minute, then grabbed the camera to document for Daddy! Here you go!


Any day now!

S has been taking some steps for a while now, but something has changed in the last few days. She has started letting go and walking on her own. We took this video tonight. Sorry it is so dark and excuse the saggy diaper...BUT CHECK OUT HER WALKING!!!! Wow!


Rubber Ducky, You're the One

So my friend Michele had one of these for her daughter when she was much younger than S is now, but I found it at Target and couldn't resist. She loves it, we use much less water (yeah for the environment!) and S actually NEEDS a bath every day now. (Toddler eating is so messy and S has a thing about putting her food in her hair. YUCK!)


Happy Birthday Mommy!

So I turned 31 today and was treated to a wonderful breakfast at DeLeon Springs. They have an old sugar mill where they let you cook your own breakfast on the grill in the middle of the table. After that we went for a dip in the COLD spring fed pool. S liked it for the first 2 minutes and then screamed to get out. Too cold. Poor girl was so excited when she saw the water too.
Here are so adorable pics of S that I took....I'm rather proud of how cute she looks in these...