Silly S Pictures

Here are some cute pictures from last week!



So first, S throws up. All over me, all over the couch. So she promptly falls asleep and then wakes up and eats a few hours later. All is well with the baby.

But then, I wake up with the worst fever I have had in a while. I was SOOO cold. I put on layers of clothing and grabbed an extra blanket, but still couldn't warm up.

M has some funky stomach bug too. We're a mess. Good news though, we're all starting to feel better.



S is sleeping right now in her crib! For those of you just joining our journey, this is a BIG deal. S hasn't sleep in her crib for well over a month due to her reflux.

I purchased two things for her from a medical supply company last week. One is called a Tucker Sling which is supposed to help reflux babies. It's basically half of a crib mattress pad that has a little harness attached to it. The idea is, to put the crib mattress at a 30 degree angle, and put the baby in the sling so that she doesn't slide down.

The second purchase is a WubbaNub. It's a small toy duck with a pacifier attached. She tried and and appears to like it.

I put her down for a nap around 10:30 (she ate at 8 am) and here it is 1:15 and she's just now starting to stir.


A visit with Grandpa and Nana

N's Dad and step-mom came down for a visit last weekend. They hadn't met S yet, so they drove down from the panhandle. S was so cute snuggling with Grandpa and took to Nana quickly. We had a great visit. They introduced us to the wonders of Sonny's! Great barbeque right around the corner from the house - and we'd never been. We met up with D, little D and C in Winter Park for a great lunch at BriarPatch. Both babies did great in public. Everyone thought they were so cute, and little D was flirting with all the women who walked in.

All in all, it was a great visit. Here is S with Nana and Grandpa! Hope they come down again soon!


Reading with Daddy

M is such a great Dad. This picture really captures the essence of his fatherhood. These are the two loves of my life!


Ouch! It's Shot Day!

S had her 2 month doc's appt. today. She weighed in at 9 lbs (10th percentile) and 20 3/4 in length (5th percentile). Her poor little head isn't even on the chart yet, but atleast it's closer.

She did fantastic with her shots. I will admit that it was hard for me to watch, and she screamed like she never had before, but she stopped crying after just a few minutes. M was there too, and we both were relieved that it wasn't an ordeal.

She did spike a fever later that day, but some baby tylenol took care of that. She's such a good baby!

We also got a referral to go and see a gastroenterologist to help S with her reflux. It seems as if the Zantac isn't doing it's job anymore and the pediatrician isn't comfortable increasing her dosage. We'll see how that goes.


Happy 2 Months Baby!

S is two months old today!!
She has her 2 month appointment tomorrow for her shots! :(
Here is her one month picture:
And this is our big girl now. She's getting so big (read FAT - more on that later!) Isn't she cute??


Little D's Dedication

Today we went to watch Little D get dedicated at church. He did great! We were at C's Grandpa's church and it was very nice to be back in church again. Interestingly enough, I haven't been to a church service in English in years. (They've been in German and then today in Vietnamese). M and I have been talking about fixing that....

After the service we had a fantastic lunch. There was some spectacular Vietnamese food and we had a good time watching everyone swoon over Little D. S slept through the whole thing, as usual. Here are some family pictures: