S is sleeping right now in her crib! For those of you just joining our journey, this is a BIG deal. S hasn't sleep in her crib for well over a month due to her reflux.

I purchased two things for her from a medical supply company last week. One is called a Tucker Sling which is supposed to help reflux babies. It's basically half of a crib mattress pad that has a little harness attached to it. The idea is, to put the crib mattress at a 30 degree angle, and put the baby in the sling so that she doesn't slide down.

The second purchase is a WubbaNub. It's a small toy duck with a pacifier attached. She tried and and appears to like it.

I put her down for a nap around 10:30 (she ate at 8 am) and here it is 1:15 and she's just now starting to stir.


Eggi said...

What a cutie!

Michele said...

Yes I know this post was from almost 3 years ago...but I love the crib wedge...we use the same type of thing where I work and they are great!