We returned from our visit to meet the birthparents on a Sunday.

Birthmom called us the next day to give us the update on her OBGYN appointment. Conversation went well.

She said she’d call us after her next appointment which was in 10 days.
She didn’t call.

This past Monday, she talked to the social worker. Said her next appointment was 4/29 (yesterday) and that she would call us on Tuesday (3 days ago).

She didn’t call.

Social worker called her twice yesterday after her appointment yesterday (she’s 39 weeks!) and left a message.

She didn’t call back.

This morning the agency called me and said, “We’re not worried – yet, but could you call her directly and see if she’ll call you back?” (The agency had said previously that it is common for birthmothers to pull back prior to the delivery to try to protect their hearts.)

I called. No answer. I left a message. She hasn’t called back, yet…

So what does this mean?


It could mean nothing.
Or it could mean everything.
Or it could mean they have decided to parent this child.

I firmly subscribe to the theory that our child will find us. It happened with S, and also seems to have happened with L.

But if I truly believe this, and I mean TRULY, then I have to have faith that this situation will work out the way it is supposed to be.

And if it goes south, then he wasn’t supposed to be our “L”. 
But this possibility just plain sucks.

More when we know more. Happy thoughts and prayers appreciated!


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Poop?

I have a lot to write about. But I just can’t. Not yet.

Yes, the adoption is still on.
Yes, our incredible birthmom is 38 1/2 weeks along.
Yes, it could be any day, hour, minute now.

I haven’t written more because I don’t want to jinx it. And I’ve been incredibly honest on my blog and am a bit concerned that somehow they will find us on here and change their minds. Silly, really, but still a concern. So I promise that once the papers are signed, you will get the whole story – from the excruciating 20 hour drive, to the hospital tour, with all the others details of our visit north.

They love their son. They love us. We love them. We’ll love him. There is nothing but LOVE in this situation. Our path to our son has been paved with a million little blessings that I can’t wait to share.

When those papers are signed.

But as we’ve been trying to prepare S for L’s arrival…we’ve been talking to her about what life with a newborn will be like.

She knows he won’t be able to play for a while.
She knows he will eat, cry, and poop a lot. (With the third one getting a giggle from her every time). She has on separate occasions to me she wants to rub his back and give him a bottle. Too cute!

So tonight we talked about L’s upcoming arrival while she was lying down for bed.

She sang me to sleep (it used to be the other way around, but now she likes to sing her bedtime songs to me) and was entertaining me with Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Her version went something like this:

Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Knees and toes.
Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
Eyes and ears and he’s going to go poo-poo. I’m going to help get his stinky poo-poo off,
Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Knees and toes.

The poo-poo part was spoken, lest you think my kid is THAT big of a genius. But funny how her brain was still processing her soon-to-be brother’s stinky poop although she was singing.

And today, at the grocery store, she announced loudly to anyone that would listen, “I’m gonna get a baby brudder” at which point they all stared at me – shocked that I would tell my two year old I was pregnant before I was even showing. (Or that is the theory I’m going with -  in the hopes I don’t really look pregnant… :)) It did provide a nice icebreaker to discuss adoption in the ketchup aisle.


I just realized that the last post was my 200th post! What a great one!

Sorry I haven't been writing. I have so much to say. I have some many thoughts and feelings regarding this adoption situation (which is still a go - don't worry), but I am pressed for time. As in have been up until 3am every night for the last 10 days  - PRESSED! STRESSED! etc. etc. etc. :)


Due to logistical issues and $400 plane tickets to Indiana (EACH), we are driving to Indiana tomorrow morning.

Crazy huh?

Is the baby coming? Nope, not that we know of.

When we talked with our birth couple, they wanted us to come up and visit with them to get to know them better. (This is an entire post in itself).

Tomorrow we will be going up for the weekend and driving 14 hours!

Happy thoughts for safe travels and I hope to have time to write in the car while M drives.

But maybe I'll just nap.
Or both.

More soon!