We returned from our visit to meet the birthparents on a Sunday.

Birthmom called us the next day to give us the update on her OBGYN appointment. Conversation went well.

She said she’d call us after her next appointment which was in 10 days.
She didn’t call.

This past Monday, she talked to the social worker. Said her next appointment was 4/29 (yesterday) and that she would call us on Tuesday (3 days ago).

She didn’t call.

Social worker called her twice yesterday after her appointment yesterday (she’s 39 weeks!) and left a message.

She didn’t call back.

This morning the agency called me and said, “We’re not worried – yet, but could you call her directly and see if she’ll call you back?” (The agency had said previously that it is common for birthmothers to pull back prior to the delivery to try to protect their hearts.)

I called. No answer. I left a message. She hasn’t called back, yet…

So what does this mean?


It could mean nothing.
Or it could mean everything.
Or it could mean they have decided to parent this child.

I firmly subscribe to the theory that our child will find us. It happened with S, and also seems to have happened with L.

But if I truly believe this, and I mean TRULY, then I have to have faith that this situation will work out the way it is supposed to be.

And if it goes south, then he wasn’t supposed to be our “L”. 
But this possibility just plain sucks.

More when we know more. Happy thoughts and prayers appreciated!


Mandy said...

N, I have been following this journey since the beginning and you are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope that everything works out to make all your wishes come true.

I'm hopeful that the birthmom is just anxious and maybe a little overwhelmed by everything, but I'm also hopeful that if this little one is meant to be your "L", then it will work out as it's meant to.


Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

So sorry that this uncertainty has come into play. I hope you can keep your spirits up and have faith that this is just a small bump and things will make sense soon. She may just need this last week to herself. Prayers for you and your family!