I just realized that the last post was my 200th post! What a great one!

Sorry I haven't been writing. I have so much to say. I have some many thoughts and feelings regarding this adoption situation (which is still a go - don't worry), but I am pressed for time. As in have been up until 3am every night for the last 10 days  - PRESSED! STRESSED! etc. etc. etc. :)


Due to logistical issues and $400 plane tickets to Indiana (EACH), we are driving to Indiana tomorrow morning.

Crazy huh?

Is the baby coming? Nope, not that we know of.

When we talked with our birth couple, they wanted us to come up and visit with them to get to know them better. (This is an entire post in itself).

Tomorrow we will be going up for the weekend and driving 14 hours!

Happy thoughts for safe travels and I hope to have time to write in the car while M drives.

But maybe I'll just nap.
Or both.

More soon!


Misty Dawn said...

I can't wait for your Monday Update! Safe Travels!!

Lianna Knight said...

Great news!! I can't wait to hear more :)

Praying traveling mercies over your family!

TwoDogMama said...

How did the visit go? We are going to meet our birth parents the first weekend in May in PA! We have to fly as it is a 15 1/2+ drive and we can't budget that much time. I am anxious to hear how yours went. I hope all is well.

Beth said...

Need more posts! Don't want to work. Must read blog.

Beth said...
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