Crash Into Me – Part 2

S’s version:

Somebody hit Papa’s car. Papa lay down. Papa go to hospitable. Papa has owie on neck.

N’s version:

I was expecting M home at any minute when the phone rang. He said, “I just got rear-ended” in a tone of voice I had never heard him use. Stunned. (Silly guy called me before 911). I told him I was on my way and told him to call 911.

I threw S in the car (not literally- but close) and raced to the accident scene. My heart was racing. I didn’t know what I would find.

It was dark and started raining. I had S in my arms as we walked over to the scene. The ambulance and fire truck were just arriving and there was a cop there too.

When we got to the car M couldn’t turn his head to look at me and he was shaking. They stabilized his neck, took him out of the car and loaded him in the ambulance. I was so focused on S and reassuring her that Papa was okay, that I didn’t really even get to talk to M before they took him away. It took FOREVER to get the police report and then I raced down to the hospital.

The girl who hit him was just 16…and she was just fine.

Luckily, my brother and sis-in-law were in the neighborhood and came and picked up S and took her to their house so I wouldn’t have to take my recovering-from-bronchitis kiddo back into the germ infested ER.

M HATED being strapped to the backboard. I mentioned that I once spent 8 hours strapped to one after my car accident (when I was 18) so I knew it sucked but he seriously needed to quit bitching. :) I was remarkably sassy that night, especially considering the circumstances. Sorry honey! We managed to have a few laughs and were so grateful that he wasn’t seriously injured.

Here are two pics from the ER.0212102149-00 0212102149-02

He came home a few hours later with some serious drugs, but was just fine. We went home and counted our blessings because it could have been SOOOO much worse.

The bummer of the deal is that there really wasn’t any damage to the car. There was paint transfer (in the outline of a bumper) and the trunk lid sticks out a bit now, but I tell you, our 1999 Civic is incredible and virtually indestructible. I think M was upset that there wasn’t more damage as he’s been itching for a new car for a while now. Since the Civic is apparently uber safe and paid off, it looks like he will not be getting his new car out of this. But, we were meaning to paint it anyway so it doesn’t look so crappy, so I think that might happen sooner than later now.

Once again, grateful that he was okay….


redheadmomma said...

Oh, no!! But I'm so glad that he is safe & just has an owie on his neck!!!


Misty Dawn said...

Oh my girl! I'm glad DH is fine! Sounds like a rough night!