First trip to an art museum!

So when we went back to San Francisco to meet up with Liz and Fabien, we went to S's first art museum. It was a Chihuly Exibit at the de Young! S was so fascinated by the colors, and the rest of us enjoyed it too.

We went to this little park near the museum and let S swing for a while. She loves swings, and this park had so many Gaudi influences. There was a little bench like Parc de Guel and this cliff/cave thing that reminded me of the area under the park benches. Too cool.

We went back to Liz and Fabien's apartment after the park and had a quick glass of wine and cheese and crackers. It was wonderful to visit with Liz and Fabien and they were such gracious hosts- especially since they were leaving in 36 hours for a 2 month trip to France. Fabien even introduced S to Schnappi, the song that I love, and hate now...:)

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Beth said...

If I have to watch that a hundred times... I will learn to sing that song.