Pic from home!

Well, S has been home for 3 days now and seems to be doing well. Minus the almost constant explosive diarrhea, you would never know that she that she spent a week in the hospital. Today I even called the pediatrician, even though it's Sat., to ask about a bizarre colored poopy diaper. Turns out that the antibiotic does something to her digestive system that turns her poop red. Funny how the hospital or the pharmacy failed to mention that...stupid!

The good news is that S is eating again. One of the things that told us that she was sick is that she stopped eating as much and sleeping a lot. We thought it was daycare wearing her out, but no such luck. She went from eating 18-24 oz a day to only 10!! Now she's back up to 20 a day give or take a couple ounces. Much better. Not that she's underweight by any means! :)

We are all slowly recovering from the ordeals of the last weeks, and hope that things settle down soon.

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Kieran said...

I LOVE that picture. LOVE IT!! What a cutie patootie.
love, beth