So last thanksgiving we were in North Carolina visiting our cousins. The house was filled with kids, noise, dogs, family and amazing food. We were just talking about adopting at that point....

So much has changed and we are so lucky.

Little S has been such a blessing. We are so lucky to have her in our lives and we have the honor of raising her as our own daughter. All of this would not have been possible without the love of my mom. She saved us from the heartbreaking rollercoaster of fertility and made it possible to become a family with S. THANKS MOM!!

Our Thanksgiving was different, but wonderful. We had brunch at my brother's house with my family and my sis-in-laws family. Good food. Football. Time with both babies. Boy is baby D so much bigger than S! It's nuts!

Then, mysteriously, my Mom wanted to come over to our house after brunch. So she did, and guess what she brought with her???

A NEW BARBEQUE GRILL!! It was an early Christmas present...but an awesome one.

So we made an improptu dinner on the new grill. After M went hunting for a propane tank (not an easy task on Thanksgiving) we cooked burgers, brauts, corn, scalloped potatoes!

Not a traditional feast, but a wonderful feast indeed.

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