De Leon Springs Pancakes

Chris had one thing on her list while she was here. It was to eat pancakes at the Old Sugar Mill. So we drove up today and thought we were getting there early. Umm...not so much. It was a 2 hour wait. So we went for a walk, sat by the springs and entertained the baby for the long wait. Finally, M went to check on our table and we went to sit down at the table they told us to.

A fight almost broke out as some tourists thought that 'our' table was 'their' table. The wait was SOOO long and I was so hungry. I was not about to lose our table! We ended up at the table and the other people either were asked to leave or left on their own. Seriously, if there was enough room, they could of joined us. It's just pancakes for pete's sake!!!!

Poor S! She was so tired from the wait (and the bottle she just ate) that she fell asleep at the table!

Here are some pics!

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