Saturday morning S wakes up with a fever. I was out of town for work, but M texted me this questions "How high does her fever need to be before we call the doc?"

This was my first clue that it was going to be a long day.

After a call to our peditrician's nurse, M decided to take her to the ER. She still had a 103 degree fever. After essentially an overnight stay (10 hour visit!! - who does that to an 8 month old??) M and S came home from the ER at 5:30 the next morning. The diagnosis, an upper respiratory infection and another dreaded UTI. Poor baby.

She had a shot of antibiotics in the ER and got a prescription for another antibiotic. I decided to take her yesterday to her pediatrician for a follow-up. Good think I did, because our poor baby now had an ear infection too.

So they have us a new antibiotic to treat both the UTI and the ear infection.

An hour or so later, the doc called and asked how they had collected her urine in the ER. Turns out they used a bag to collect it instead of a catheter. So we had to go back to pediatrician's office for them to take another sample. Which M, thankfully, took over to the hospital's lab for me. Did I mention that I've been sick for the last week or so?

Then this morning she woke up with huge red welts all over her body. She was so miserable and I couldn't do anything to comfort her. So I called the doc and we went back. Turns out, I now have an answer when doctors ask, "Is she allergic to any medications?" Poor girl.

In the middle of the exam, the fire alarm in the building went off. So I took my feverish, welt covered, sick and cranky baby outside to wait for the building to be cleared for re-entry. Fun times. Seriously.

So we got our third prescription in 3 days...(that's 30 for meds, 100 for ER, 35 for lab, and 40 for office visits) just in the last 3 days. Urgh. This sucks.

On a lighter note, S seems to be getting better. She cried a lot today but snuggled even more than that. I can't wait until she's better.

Did I also mention that we have been banned from public until we leave for Germany. No daycare, no playdates, no crowds, no other kids.

This sucks!

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