Wednesday - A worried doctor

I don't see our pediatrician get upset very often, but I did on this day. I called our ENT to discuss the breathing problem and got told to call her pediatrician instead. (Our pediatrician was mad that our ENT wouldn't help us!)

We were able to get S in to see her pediatrician around 2pm. She was diagnosed with a stridor and prescribed steroids. Her doctor also sent us over for a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. No pneumonia thankfully. We went home and settled in for the night.

9:30pm my phone rang. It was our pediatrician who was concerned about S and wanted to hear her breathe. I took the phone into S's room and she woke up and hung up on the doctor! :) Too funny. The doc wasn't comfortable with S being home for the night so we packed up and went to the ER.

Our doc called ahead and warned them we were coming. It was an amazing trip and was so nice to be back in OUR hospital. From the time I arrived in the hospital to when we saw the doctor was only 9 minutes. The attending doc was really worried about S, and prescribed breathing treatments and admitted us. We had the BEST nurse ever named John. S loved him. He was so caring and played with S. He actually got her to drink!!

Poor M stayed with us until about 2am when he left us and went to his office (across the street from the hospital).

Poor girl was in so much pain and it took a lot (LOT) of morphine to settle her down. I did NOT take a video of her really drugged. And if I did, I certainly would NOT have posted it on our blog! :)

We didn't get moved into our room on the 6th floor (where were were last month) until 5:45 am. It was a long, long day!

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