So S is a silly kid. Sometimes overly so (and usually after the hours it takes her to warm up to a room), but she has been saying some really funny things lately…

Such as:

“Mama. There’s alligators in there! (Pointing to a pond). He’s gonna bite my finger. Oh no! I’m going need see doctor. And a bandy (her word of bandaid).”

S: Mama, I want to be bigger like Mommy Papa. (She’s been saying this a lot lately and we didn’t know why.)
Me: Why to you want to be bigger?
S: Because I want put juice and milk in a cup like Mommy Papa. (Oh…)

“Mama, we no have any paper toilet!”

She has also started connecting her thoughts with “Because” even when un-necessary. Its so cute!

Everything lately also has an “ee” sound added to it. Milk-ee, Bath-ee, shirt-ee, etc. And she has invented words for people and sometimes will just shout a string of words and then giggle hysterically.

She calls money “meny” or “treasure”. She puts it in her piggy bank and then rattles off all of the things she’s going to buy (with her 4 bucks!).

She has finally figured out that when someone says, “How are you?” that you are supposed to respond. Her current answer is “good”.

If you do something she likes, she’ll say, “You’re my friend!” if not - she says, “You not my friend anymore!”

I totally adore this beautiful, talkative girl!



Ellie said...

What great memories! She's so full of personality - I love it! And...she's adorable in her dress! :-)

Misty Dawn said...

Aww too cute! Love the pic!