Rapunzel Hair

S is OBSESSED with Rapunzel right now so I made her a hair extension out of yarn. Since a few of you asked (via Facebook) for a tutorial, I made one today.

Step 1: Attempt to clean enough crap off your floor so that you won't have to photoshop the photos.

Step 2: I didn't have any extra adult hands so I strung my yarn between a table leg and a jar. They are approximately 14 feet apart.

Step 3: Pull yarn taut and clip loops at both ends (where they were wrapped around) making a bunch of yarn 14 feet long.

Step 4: Double by folding in half. (notice that I didn't clip the ends which caused me issues later - thus the reason for the inclusion into the directions!)

Step 5: Using a sturdy hair tie, tie a knot in the middle of the yarn around the hair tie.

Step 6: Braid as usual.

Step 7: Trim ends.

Step 8: Finished product!


Lindsey said...

Thank you so much! I'm having a Repunzel birthday party for Bekah's 4th and this is perfect!

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