Talking Fool :)

So up until about 4 weeks ago, Lukas had a very (VERY) limited vocabulary. He had a few phrases that he used appropriately (what's that?, all done, and ut oh) and only one word that he used consistently - more (which he signs and says at the same time). He had a few other words that you can get him to say on occasion (ball, go, milk) but was never consistent. He used to say Mama (which melted my heart) but that has been gone for months and months. He does not say (and never has) Papa or Dada and does not have a name for Sarah.

But that is changing with the help of his therapies.

Today during ABA, he CLEARLY said bubbles. Perfect articulation.

He refuses to use the word help even when stressed and really needs help. Today he got frustrated that he couldn't do a puzzle and turned to his therapist and said "You Do!" He has never communicated in this way.

Later today, he got his finger stuck in a toy and turned to me alarmed and said, "Stuck!" in a panicked voice. He repeated it four times with increasing urgency to let me know there was a problem.

I'm just in awe of how far he's come in communicating his needs. Thrilled!

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