So I know that S hasn't been in daycare long, but I was shocked when I showed up tonight to this.
Don't worry, it's not blood. (My first thought - I'm always the alarmist). Turns out they did an art project today with chocolate syrup. S was covered. It was in her hair, between her fingers, and up her nose (ewwww). It was a take a bath the minute we got home night tonight.

Oh, and never fear - the chocolate came out with a ton of pre-treating and soaking. Whew!


Crystal said...

And that's a GYMBOREE top, so I bet you were freaking out!

Brinson's Mommy said...

Thank you for posting on our blog. Yes, we are aware of her head being flat in the back. She is rarely on her back anymore, but any other advice would be welcome. We are also doing stretches/exercises for torticollis.
Your daughter is just beautiful!