How We Spent Our Valentine's Day!

It started last weekend. Fever. Earache. Etc. Went to pediatrician and found out that S had yet another ear infection. Two actually. Another round of antibiotics was given. (Along with a referral to an ENT for possible tubes in her ears - but I am getting ahead of myself.) I started a new job this week, which couldn't have been a worse time to start because S was too sick to go to school all week. By Wednesday she wasn't wetting diapers or drinking at all - so we headed down to the ER. They gave her an IV for a few hours, and sent us home. By Thursday mid-morning - she still wouldn't eat or drink. So we kept our follow up appointment with her pediatrician on Friday morning. She looked worried after I explained what was going on with S. I'm usually okay when it comes to my kid, but when the doctor looks freaked out and worried, I get a little freaked out and worried.

So the pediatrician sent us back to the ER and after a few tests they decided that she needed to be admitted. So we returned to the 6th floor (we've been there before, click here). We had a private room with a great view while they tried to figure out what was wrong with our little girl.
Her heart rate was too high (twice normal) and her blood pressure was not good either. They attributed those issues to her dehydration, but wanted to be sure.

We got the news on Valentine's Day morning. S has a virus (Adenovirus) which causes respiratory issues and gastrointestinal issues as well. Basically she had a viral cold and diarrhea. As soon as they treated her dehydration, they let us go home.
M still managed to make the most of Valentine's day, delivering these beautiful flowers to the hospital. How sweet is he? I'm so lucky!

After they released her, we went out to lunch and then S and I took a 5 hour nap. I am happy to report that she is doing MUCH better and is eating and drinking again! YIPEE!!


Lindsey said...

Yikes!! That seems like a lot of drama for a week. Glad to hear that she's doing much better now. You'll be in our prayers. :)

Beth said...

Wow! I'm glad she is doing better. See what I miss when I don't check your site in awhile.

I hope all of you are well, now.