Suprises in the Mail

Dear Mama,

Today we got a big box from this place called Land's End. You made me try on the clothes that were inside, even though I didn't want to. First you had me try on my snow pants and jacket.

Ummm...Mama, its JULY in FLORIDA. What do I need snow pants for?
Oh, I get it.
We're going to see Oma and Opa in Germany for Christmas!
Cool. Glad we got that cleared up!
Next you had me try on a new bathing suit. I really liked it and twirled around so much I got dizzy and fell down!
I wonder what will be in the next box?


(Edited by Mama: This just eludes to my bargain shopping I have been doing on the web as of late. BARGAINS on snow clothes (20 bucks for a Land's End snow suit!). You know, because it's 100 degrees outside. Think outside of the box people!!)

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