Lions and Tigers and Giraffes, Oh My!

Today we went to the zoo with my friends Shannon (not pictured for some reason - sorry Shannon!) and Laura and little Noah! S and Noah are very close in age and they haven't really had a play date in a while. (A long while). So we drove out to a local zoo (farther than our local zoo). How cute are these two?
We saw giraffes and some people were feeding them. I was too cheap to buy giraffe food, so poor S had to settle for looking. Honestly, I thought the huge animals would scare her, but she was truly fascinated.
But boy was it hot! I hate summer in Florida to begin with and was so surprised that I agreed to an OUTDOOR event in July. But we had a great time. The animals were fun and after we had lunch (corn dog nuggets – yum) we took the kids into the splash park.

S loves splash parks, and this one was no exception. However, a worried mommy concerned about parasites that frequent lakes and standing water here in FL, did NOT like this water play area. At all. There didn't seem to be enough chlorine or circulation and I was worried for the next few days that S had picked up some funky amoeba. (She didn't but whatever....I can worry, can't I?)

It was a fantastic day. Good friends and the kids were so cute. I told Laura that I hope that the kids get to play more and we're already looking forward to our next play date.

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