The Journey from Here to There

The fun thing about traveling, is that there are always unknowns.
Who knows if your luggage will make it to the same city that you are traveling to.
Who knows if you will make your connection.
Who knows if the hotel will lose your reservation…

Well on this trip, the unknown is different.
Who knows if we will arrive in time to see our son’s birth.

The call came in this morning about 9am.

I immediately put in place the well oiled plan that I had devised weeks ago.

I booked our flight (last minute on Southwest for 100 each – direct flight).

I called the preschool to let S know Grandma was going to pick her up today.

I called Grandma (my mom) to let her know that she needed to pick up S from school today.

The ironic thing is, M and I were taking this morning, mere moments from THE PHONE CALL, about how today would not be a good day for the baby to come. Apparently this baby already has a mind of his own.

My mom is having guests over for Bunco tonight. M had a few really large meetings today.

The house, inevitably, wasn’t clean (sorry Mom!)

The pest control guy came this morning. Note to self, if you sweep your floors prior to the pest control guy spraying for bugs, you may want to make sure you finish said sweeping prior to the application of bug spray or all of your sweepings may end up stuck to the floor. Oh well. Live and learn.

S put on two different sized socks. My shower would have been faster if I had used body wash to wash instead of conditioner. Oh well.

But we made it to the airport (due to  last minute help from my brother – thanks D!) and even managed to grab a sandwich prior to boarding. We’re not sitting together, but I’m sitting next to a family with a 5 month old baby boy. He’s so tiny…and then I think to myself - “How could I have forgotten?” There was a time when I had every inch of S memorized. I could recite her stats, feeding schedule, etc. but now…I can’t remember any of it. Must.Be.Present.

We’re in for a wild ride. The baby isn’t here yet, as far as we know, but there is a great chance that we’ll miss the delivery. More soon.


The baby arrived at 3:23 today while we were enroute. He’s beautiful. More soon.

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