A hint of things to come....

We are well, in love, and not sleeping...but blessed beyond measure.

While up at night with feeding L, I decided that our family has outgrown this blog.

So here is a hint of our big move coming as soon as I can finish the template....
New blog! When I started this blog it was to keep the family updated on S's health. It has grown into so much more than that and I wanted a new location that reflected that change.

So...coming soon...(as soon as I figure out how to manipulate code in wordpress...)

In other news:
This boy has started to smile and it lights up my world.
This girl has learned to swim (with floaties) and will be turning three on Saturday!
Sooooo happy. Sooooo tired. More soon!


Lianna Knight said...

LOVE the new blog name!! And your cuties are just PRECIOUS!!! Can't wait to see more of them both :0

Beth said...