Life’s A Beach!

Let me preface this post for those of you who are living someplace cold right now with a big, huge “Sorry!” :)

We went to the beach today!! It’s the END OF OCTOBER!! It was 91 degrees today.

It was L’s first time at the beach and he loved it.

First he napped:100_3856

while my beautiful S played in the sand for a while.


We flew a Kite in a Bag. Its this frame-less kite that fits into a small 8 inch by 3 inch bag. Although she thought it was cool, S wasn’t happy that she couldn’t catch the tail or hold the line by herself. She was being very fussy and then I realized (duh!) she must be hungry…My mom packed sandwiches and I don’t know what it is about the beach, but food just tastes better!

100_3862100_3863 We had lunch (no pictures, I was too busy eating!).

Then we took L down to the water. To say that he loved it would be an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, S loves the water, but there was a lot of screaming (and a SWAT team) at her first experience.
100_3870                                       Attempting to eat the sand. I got there JUUUUUST in time!100_3872 100_3874Beach Trip 10-27DSC00793

He would have sat there and splashed all day if I had let him!

Neither kid really napped in the way home so both of them were in bed and out by 7:15. What a wonderful, perfect day!!


Lindsey said...

It does sound perfect! L looks so cute in that beach hat. :)

Anonymous said...


(It's BG... for some reason I can't log-in to my Google account.)

Misty Dawn said...

How cute!! I live near the beach as well and it has been awful hot!

Gown Preservation said...

Wow..so cute..having a great time there...god bless this little wonder..

Jennifer said...

Great to read this all, Keep it up, thanx.