Look What She Can Do!!

S has been developing like crazy lately. Here are some videos of what she can do now. She knows most of her shapes. For some reason, she calls the rectangle a choo choo train. Too cute!
She also can count. I've heard her go as high as 17 without missing. I only caught the tail end of this one. Hope to catch the whole thing soon.
She's in love with the Fresh Beat Band from Nickelodeon. They show their videos on demand at the beginning of Dora and other Nick shows.
The problem? The segments are only 1.5 min. long.
The solution? Teach S to press the rewind button herself.
Taa Daa!

She knows all of her colors in English and in German. She confuses yellow and blue sometimes but usually on purpose with a sly smile.

She knows the ABC song, which I'm still working on capturing. She can recognize A,B,C,E,H,I,S,T,V,X,Z.

She amazes me.

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