Playing Musical Rooms

So about six weeks ago we I decided to move things in our house around.

S's breathing troubles seemed worse and I felt that she needed to get out of a carpeted room and into a room with hardwood floors. Now as I'm writing this, I could have just laid new flooring in her nursery, but honestly - I didn't think of that until now.

If there is a harder way to do something, or a more convoluted way - I usually find it.

So S's room was getting moved into our existing office. (next door) She needed a "Big Girl" room near the bathroom. But before we could do that, we had to move the office somewhere. Due to an airconditioning issue (proximity to the air handler), our master bedroom has always been about 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house. In the summer in Florida, it just wasn't fun. So for years we have been moving into our guest room (closer to the air handler) in the summer. The guest room has always been the nicest, coldest room in the house. Seeing as we usually only have guests in the winter - we decided to move the guest room into the master bedroom and the master into the guest room.

So if you are following: S's room to the office. master and guest room swap.

Because of the large size of the master bedroom, we also moved the office into the master.

So: S's room to the office. The office to the master. The master and guest room swap.

S's former nursery became a play room, so I could get her junk stuff out of the living room. She loves having space to play and often goes in there, says, "Bye, bye" and will sit down and color for a few minutes on her own! Pictures are coming soon. Apparently I didn't have the camera battery charged.

But here are pictures of S's new room.

Office Before:

Now S's Room.

I had a blast painting the murals. I painted them on posterboard and attached them with these, so they are removable and won't damage the paint. Also I wasn't exactly sure where I wanted them so I'm so glad that I made them movable. I think I still need to add one more to the right of S's name - I'm thinking maybe a tree.

closeup of Lion mural

inspiration for lion mural

curtains, chair and monkey mural

closeup of monkey mural

inspiration for Monkey mural


matching artwork

I'm a bargain shopper, so I found towels on clearance at Target and am redecorating the S's bathroom too. I found the discontinued shower curtain, and hand towels on eBay. I'll post pictures of that room too when they arrive. Since we can't move - rearranging the house has made it feel brand new! Okay, maybe not BRAND new, but at least a little different.

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