Good News/Bad News

Good news , I have been hired for two online adjunct teaching positions in the last week. Yeah for working at home and yeah for having an income!! I am so happy and will have to write more about this.

Bad news, we bought a brand new car last week. A 2010 Toyota Sienna and love it. But there were some scratches on it when we got it, so we took it back to be fixed. Long story short, there were new scratches now that weren't there before. WORST. CAR BUYING. EXPERIENCE. EVER. More on this if I am legally allowed to discuss it, but lets just say we ended up having to call the police to come to the dealership. M and I don't really get mad often, but this was the most angry either one of has EVER been. So unhealthy and ultimately fruitless (as of tonight) and a good reminded why we don't buy cars often.

More soon.

We are hosting a garage sale on Sat morning (if you are in the area, come on by) to raise money for the adoption of our son to be. That, along with job training has kept me off of the blog this week. Will hopefully be able to finally get to the promised posts next week.

Have a great weekend and wish us luck in our fundraising on Sat.

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