Hands and Toes

It started last Sunday when my parents were visiting. My mom called my name from the porch in a different tone of voice than usual. She asked S to show me her hands and S's skin was fallingoff her fingertips on her left hand. I mean, we're talking chunks. Thin layers, but huge (dime sized). We brought her in from playing in the water and dried her off to get a better look.

My first guess was that she touched some chemical in our house. But we are so careful about that and so that was a no.

I thought maybe she touched a magic eraser that I had left on the counter top, but it was still in the same place and if you know anything about 2 year olds - they are incapable of putting things back in the exact place...so that was a no.

Then I assumed that maybe it was from touching the bathroom floor at school. They have taught the kids to put their hands on the floor with their bottoms in the air so that they can be wiped after visiting the facilities. While I appreciate the gesture in ensuring that my kid is always wiped well, the fact that she tries to "assume the position" in public bathrooms with disgusting floors is MORE than I can bear. Must.tell.daycare.to.stop.that!!

By Tuesday both hands were peeling. Just on her fingertips.

Here are a few pics we took. Hard to see exactly, but see how the tips are red? They don't seem to hurt her much, if at all, but the skin falling off freaks her out. Poor girl.

Friday we went to the pediatrician to get her ears looked at since she was saying that they hurt, but the pediatrician didn't have any guesses except that she came in contact with something and we would probably never know what it was. She said lots of lotion and to keep an eye on it.

Last night it started on her toes. Just the tips of her toes but also in huge chunks.

This morning, her poor raw fingers have started a second peel on the already tender skin.

From my dear friends on Facebook, I've heard many suggestions. The one that makes the most sense is yet another bout of Hand, Foot and Mouth. If I can't get it under control by Tues, back to the ped we go.

Poor kid.

In other health related news....overall S has been doing very well. She's been back at daycare for a month now and we've only been to see the pediatrician twice. (Yes, this is a new record.) I have a much longer health post to share, but it will have to wait until early next week.

Oh, and I tentatively did get a job. (Once I pass the training phase) I will be working from home as an online adjunct instructor using my M.Ed. in Bilingual/Multicultural Education. This is fantastic news and I have another interview for another online adjunct position today in fact. So working both will provide enough of a cushion for us to be able to take a placement of our son as soon as our home study is complete. (Will post an update on that too).

So, if you are keeping track: (this is mostly for me)
I owe you a post about:
S's health
A new update on our current adoption situation
What we've done to our house (I didn't mention this because I wanted to take pictures first)

I'll get to them soon. Promise. Until then. Have a great day!

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