Birthdays, Shirley Temple, Cars, Guns and Family

So I am currently upstate visiting my dad (came up with my brother) for his 60th birthday!!!
We've had a lovely visit. We went through some old pictures of my family. Here is a picture of my grandmother at 7 when she was in a movie with Shirley Temple. She won some dance contest at 5 and was discovered and had a 3 year contract at 7 in Hollywood. Cool.
Here is my great grandfather Milton.
Here is a picture of my grandfather (bottom L) and his siblings. The pic was taken in 1927.
We hung out with my Step-mom Margaret's family. Here I am shooting a gun (which I've only done once before). I did pretty good and hit the general area of the target on both shots. I only took 2 shots and hit on both. Impressive, eh?
We went for a ride in my Dad's replica of 1898 Ford. This was Henry Ford's first car. It's called a quadricycle and was fun to take for a spin.

Its been a weekend full of reminising, inappropriate jokes, and good restful sleep (without having to keep an ear out for the baby...)

Happy 60th Birthday Pops! I love you!!!
We'll have to do it again. Soon.
Not the turning 60 thing, but the visit.
Love you.

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