A Warm Day at the Park!

We went to the park today and although it was super hot, we still had fun. Well, honestly, S had fun. Me? I don't do heat well so I basically sweat the entire time, but S loves the park. So we went. This first picture makes S look like she's swearing in Italian. Too funny. The reality is that she saw a camera and though we wanted to take more pictures of her peeling fingers (will post about those tomorrow). But still a funny pose.
S went swinging.

I can't tell what she was thinking but I love this picture too. She's concentrating? Maybe?
Love her curls!!
This is her usual pondering expression.
I like her smile better and we are finally starting to get her smile more often.
She's usually happy but forgets to tell her face!
Posing AND smiling!
She drank almost half a liter of water!
After this trip we went to get ice cream.
Not good for my diet but definitely good for my soul.

We had a nice day. Did you?


redheadmomma said...

I absolutely loved this age with both kids, but she esp reminds me of Maya at that age. SO CUTE and such an angel!

p.s. do you think it's the bath wash/bubble bath? Is it your floor cleaner? Have you cleaned the floors lately? trying to think of what it might be....

Melina said...

Hey, my daughter had that happen last winter. She had a habit of sucking her fingers and toes/feet at night and when she wanted to nurse (we were weaning.) The doc told me it was drying it out, causing the sloughing.