Blessings Abound

So Thursday night late we received an email from an Agency we weren't working with.

We had contacted them months ago, but they were another one that required quite a bit of money upfront - so I told them that if our "low cost" options didn't pan out, then we would be calling them.

So when we received an email about a potential situation, we were more than surprised.

We were told that a birth couple had looked through all of the profiles at their agency and didn't feel like any of those families were a good fit, so they wanted more profiles to look at.

Enter our (cute) family. :)

I updated our profile a bit, but due to my trial of Adobe expiring, I could no longer print it as a pdf. The document was too large to email so I ended up working for HOURS on converting the files to a manageable size so that we could email the profile off for the birthmom to look at.

It took 5 hours and I was a nervous wreck while it was happening. I was SOOOOO convinced that she wasn't going to choose us because I couldn't get the freaking file small enough.

I finally emailed it off around 12:30. I heard it was going out to the birth family IMMEDIATELY, so I set about keeping my self busy so I didn't lose my effing mind.

I didn't hear anything. I didn't hear anything, but then...

At 3:30 pm EST I got an email from the agency with the Subject line: AGENCY AGREEMENT FOR B* SITUATION!


Our contact called us a few minutes late and said that we were the first profile that this birth family liked so they (the agency) wanted to us to fill out paperwork. (This situation comes in under our budget too!!)

I, being the overzealous and prone to misinterpretation type, took this to mean that we were matched and having a baby the first week in May. A BOY!!!

We joyfully called the family and told them. So excited. Even went out with my mommy friends Friday night (to a FUN Irish Pub) and told them all about this baby.

But on Saturday, I reviewed the documents that the agency sent over, got them all squared away and faxed them over. It was through conversations with the director of the agency, that I realized that this WASN'T a done deal yet. (Not that it would really be a done deal until we are home with the baby, but you know what I mean).

Strangely I wasn't worried. See, we subscribe to the whole "our child will find us" which is what we firmly believe. IF things didn't work out (be assured I would cry for days) but it simply meant he wasn't supposed to be ours.

Oh, and did I mention that these potential parents were atheists? Ironic since God was/is CLEARLY a part of this. More on that later.

Sunday rolled around and my phone rang at 12:00. Turns out that B and A wanted to talk to us. IN A FEW HOURS!! Honestly, I was freaked out a bit. We met with S's birthmom a few times before she gave birth to S, but there were always one or two people from the agency with us. This was going to be a phone call. JUST US!!! Terrified doesn't even begin to explain how we both felt as I am sure they were just as nervous.

We shouldn't have been nervous. They were sweet, incredibly intelligent, funny and articulate people. They are young, 19 and 20, but M and I are so impressed with how thorough and thoughtful they are being about this process. We were supposed to talk for 30 minutes.

We talked for 1.5 hours.

Their hearts are in the right place. They want to do what's best for their son and they know that they cannot provide the opportunities for him (or for themselves) if they choose to keep him. As I mentioned before, it turns out that they are NOT atheists at all. They simply don't want religion shoved down their kid's throat. We are a household of faithful people, but we also believe that our children have the right to choose what they want to believe in.

Birthdad is very similar to M when he was 19. Into music, guitars, he and M discussed amps and some strange type of tuning that B and I had NO CLUE what they were talking about. I could see them becoming nerdy music guitar friends...

We discussed discipline, drinking, college funds, how physical fit we are (they wanted active, non overweight parents - thankful I've dropped a chunk of weight in the last year!!). Their questions were thoughtful and showed maturity FAR beyond their years.

When we hung up, I knew he was ours.

But he isn't. Not yet anyway...

They loved us. We loved them. Time will tell, but if you are of the praying, finger crossing, happy thoughts to the universe type, we'd sure appreciate whatever you can throw our way and toward the lives of this sweet young couple with a hard decision to make.

Their decision to place their child for adoption is not in question, they just want to make sure that their son is in the best hands.

I'm praying those hands are ours...

We have been around enough to know that things in this business can change at the drop of a hat. So we are cautiously optimistic, hopeful and excited, and hope to know more (and share it with you) soon.


TwoDogMama said...

What exciting news! I am so curious to see how it all works out with your 2nd adoption as you see this first one will cost us a pretty penny (thanks parents, grandma & in-laws). I am not really the religious type either but I am praying this works out for you and that we will be matched again soon as well, since our last one fell apart last week. Keep us posted and best wishes!

Lianna Knight said...

What a GREAT post!!! I am SO happy for you guys. Praying that your sweet family of three turns into FOUR soon!

S will be SO excited to have a little playmate and brother :)

Kristen said...

Thank you so much for this post. Your page is amazing, as is your story. I absolutely love how you affect the lives of others, both directly through adoption and through sharing your story. Incredible!

Kelly K. said...

Super excited! I'll be praying for all involved and God's will. I want to jump up and down in the cafeteria again but I'll wait until it's official. Love you guys!