The Fabric of Our Lives

So I’ve been sewing. Yes, you read that right. Sewing. Like with a machine and all.

Didn’t know I could sew? Well, due to the love and patience of my grandmothers and mother, I can. I learned fairly young and I H.A.T.E.D. it. In fact, at 15, my grandma and I set about to make a stuffed animal cat while I was in Oregon visiting. It was a short visit, and a complicated project and honestly, it took almost 20 years to start sewing again. I hated that stupid cat! (I still have it somewhere I think!)

But as we wait for the next member of our family, I felt the need to make something.
To construct something.
To cultivate something.

(For S’s wait, it was butterflies – the living kind, but that is a story all of its own…)

So enter in my a cheapo Walfart sewing machine and I began making baby items for our son.

My intent was to save money. Why pay for silly burp cloths when the fabric and some of my time is cheaper? (Between all the start up supplies and my sewing machine, I’m pretty sure these are the world’s most expensive burp cloths!)

I wanted to make a pouch baby sling but I didn’t want to pay for one. I didn’t use one with S, but now with a newborn and a toddler, I need one so I can have my hands for S. I found a pattern online. Even though I read the directions a million times, I still cut my material wrong and had 4 one yard pieces instead of 2 two yard pieces. Math (and apparently reading comprehension) are still not my strong suit.

DSC00632 DSC00633 But the sling is awesome. The catch? Apparently I measured my body wrong and the sling is a few inches too short. So if anyone is interested in a sling for a smaller figured, shorter mom…I’m selling it for the cost of the material. ($10).

You see, I am a “path of least resistance” kind of girl. I don’t like hard work and will strive to find the most efficient and least effort required to complete a task. This, coupled with my neurotic need for straight lines, is not really good for sewing. So I have learned.

My first bib. Complete disaster. (I can’t believe I am posting this! Embarrassing!)

DSC00623 DSC00624 DSC00626

New bib on the new fantastic-computerized-got-a-great-deal-on-amazon sewing machine (that even embroiders!) much better.

More pictures to come. Next up, another attempt at baby shoes and a dress for S.   DSC00629 DSC00630



Anonymous said...

The bib is hysterical, THANKS for sharing it!!!!
The rest are awesome, you work quickly! S.is just too cute for words! Hope M gets to feeling better soon, back aches are NOT fun!
Take Care - Lisa

Beth said...

Yay!!... I've been waiting for a new post and you didn't disappoint. You have almost inspired me to learn how to iron. Almost. :) Everything looks great, well, except bib #1. Keep practicing and I'll be sending you some items to be relined. I can overpay to fund the adoption.