What We Know & Don’t Know

This has been a rough week for our family. For a multitude of reasons but mostly work related. It is finals week and I just began another course so I’m juggling four online classes at once and not really doing well with any of them. Looking forward to next quarter with 2 easy classes. :) Hopefully!

What we know:

1. We adore our potential birth couple.
2. We saw pictures of them this week and found ourselves imagining what the baby would look like.
3. Potential Birth Mom (PBM) B is due on May 4th.
4. She told the director of the agency that she would make a decision on who to place the baby with in the next 2-5 weeks. Yes, you read that right….2-5 WEEKS…someone get me some anti-anxiety meds asap! :)
5. We are the only family they have interviewed and the only one they have requested to have contact with so far.
6. As of today they have not asked for an additional phone call.
7. We have faith that things will work out the way they are supposed to.

What we DON’T know:

1. We don’t know when we will know if we are the “chosen” couple.
2. As with all situations, you cannot be sure that placement will happen, although in this case, they seem pretty sure.
3. As PBD did most of the talking, we want to know more about how PBM feels. She wrote the questions, but is shy by nature, and let PBD take over the conversation.
4. We don’t know why, if we are the only couple in the running, that they won’t make a decision for weeks. This is a bit scary as we ponder the reasons for the delay though the agency does not see any cause for concern at this time.
5. We also don’t know how many opportunities we might be missing out on while waiting for their decision. (I do believe that decision will come and that they will choose us, so this isn’t that big of a deal for me).

For the time being, we are A.M.U.P.O.  (Almost Matched Until Proven Otherwise), and as the parent of one preemie – I’m going to get things ready now. Just in case. This little boy is already further along gestationally than S. PBM will be 34 weeks on Tuesday.

Pardon me while I nest… :)

More when we know more.


Paula71 said...

HOORAY!!! I am praying that the PBM and PBD choose you.

Lianna Knight said...

Oh my goodness!!! May 4th is JUST around the corner!!!!

You better get ready :)

Praying this is the ONE!