Clean Home, Home Study

Tomorrow morning is our homestudy visit. We're excited to have our wonderful social worker Angela see S again. The last time she saw her in person was when S was just a few weeks old.

We have been cleaning. Not really for Angela or my Dad (who arrives Friday) or Arnd (our friend who arrives on Tuesday). We have been cleaning for us.

But between the trials and stress of daily life - there have been a few things that...ahem...didn't get done.

So we're doing them now. Cleaning baseboards. Touch up painting walls. Cleaning under the fridge...you know...the usual.

I told M that we should adopt a baby every year so we have to do these little things...

He said, "We should adopt a baby EVERY week!"

Anyone have a spare 20K a week?

Yeah, I didn't think so. :)

More after the homestudy.

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Lianna Knight said...

Yeah!!! Can't wait to hear more!!!

Can you send some of that energy to my house...I'm sure the floor under my fridge is NASTY dirty :(