Day 2 of Potty Training

So I try not to give my kid sugar. I really try. I do well most of the time. But then today, it occurred to me that what we tried potty training yesterday simply wasn’t cutting it. She wet through every pair of underwear she wore yesterday. UGH!

So, determined to be successful today, I offered her a piece of candy (a mini gummy bear) and a sticker if she peed in the potty.

Well wouldn’t you know, she did just that? And was so proud of herself.

Pee. Sticker. Candy.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

So, we ended up having a great day. My mom came over and played with S for a while. S managed to not go in her underwear for almost 5 whole hours!! Amazing.

Tonight though, we had a bit of a disagreement. You see, S wanted to keep pottying and not go to sleep and M and I wanted (needed) her to go to bed. A battle ensued that was resolved relatively quickly. The reason we needed her to go to bed early is because she’s getting up early tomorrow, for an early nap, and then her first trip to DISNEY WORLD!!!

Can’t wait for tomorrow. Glad today is almost over, but happy with the successes.

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redheadmomma said...

that reminds me - even though Maya was potty trained for a good 6 months, she was having so much fun at Disneyland that she would forget to take a potty break and had an accident. Even this past December, a full 2.4 years after she was potty trained, she gave very little notice when ice skating and ended up having an accident. Always always always be sure you have extra panties/pants/socks, just in case, even waaaay after she's potty trained. (and always on plane rides..I still do this for her) For me, it's the difference between being an understanding, graceful mom, and a really expasperated mom (who's mad at herself for not preparing). Have a great day tomorrow!