The Night S Disappeared

About 5am this morning, M got up.
Checked the baby monitor.
Bed looked empty, but he thought maybe S was under all of the blankets (which is common).
So he went into her room.
Bed was empty.

Commence freakout!

Did I mention that recently S has become tall enough to unlock the deadbolt on the front door?
And it was 23 degrees out?

He came out into the livingroom to find S, curled up on the couch.
She was holding her wooden mouse.
She woke up when she heard M racing around.
He put her back in bed.
She stayed there until 9 this morning.

Baby gate anyone?


Wendi said...

I would be completed wigged out... I am so glad she is safe!!

Kelly said...

Aagh! That is the most awful feeling. Both of my girls did that to me! One toddled off to my Mom's walk-in closet and closed the door on herself. She was asleep on the floor when we found her (I still hope she didn't cry herself to sleep.) The other one climbed into the walker that was stored under her pool table. She was grinning at us when we found her. The little stinker.

Lianna Knight said...

WOW!!! My anxiety level stepped up a few levels when I read your blog post. So glad she just disappeared to the couch :)