I’m swamped. Like seriously, utterly, totally, insanely, swamped.

I’m teaching three classes. 61 papers to grade a week plus read 122 discussion posts every week.

My course that I am writing is due on Sunday. It has 11 modules. 6.5 are done and I have been doing nothing but.

Our home study is done and we will be receiving copies in a few days. I have a lot to share about who is working for us on our journey to welcome our son home.

S is potty trained – well except for poop, naps and overnights. I’m patient though – after all Rome wasn’t created in a day!

Our adoption profile book is almost complete. Good thing too, because we need it in 10 days to attend an adoption workshop.

Have I mentioned that I have essentially been working from about 8 am until 1 am for the last week? I’m so tired!! Can’t wait until I submit my course.

More soon. Promise. Just as soon as I get out of this swamp!


Lianna Knight said...

Awesome news about the home study AND little Miss S!!!

Where did you do your adoption book???

Misty Dawn said...

thanks so much for commenting my blog the other day! I'd love to continue following yours! Can't wait to follow your adoption process. Try to get some rest in between all that work that has you swamped. :)

mruhlman said...

hang in there!