Preparing Her for Him

If you think the adoption wait is hard on us, imagine being two and being told that you are getting a baby brother someday - but no one knows when.

Anytime I hold a baby, S looks at me quizzically and says, “Baby Brudder?”

We have prepared her the best that we can. When she moved into her toddler room, we told her she was making space for her brother. She knows that some toys she can’t play with yet, because they are still wrapped for him. She has a baby doll that has the same name as her future brother and although she likes to throw him across the room, she knows his name and that he is a baby. (And we hope the eye poking, throwing thing will settle down before he really arrives).

She got this new cat puzzle for Christmas. There are four cats on the front. Two adults, two kids. She put the puzzle together and started naming people.

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