CF Sweat Test

This morning S and I headed over to the hospital for her sweat test. After being sent to the fifth office on multiple floors, I was annoyed that no one could tell us where to go. Being sick (me) and 28lbs (S) it did NOT make for a good start.

The test was relatively easy. You can read about it here. Frankly, its been a long day and I just can't get the details straight. Amen for Google!

In other news, we have an appt. with S's neurosurgeon to discuss the MRI issue (whether it is medically necessary) and see what S's balance issue is all about. That appointment is on May 28th.

On June 5th, we are visiting a new doc - a pediatric endocrinologist. They originally told me we couldn't get in until late July, but when I explained the situation (and dropped a couple names!) we got moved up to early June.

For now we are in a holding pattern. And I am holding on to hope.

Oh, and S turned 23 months old today. Happy almost birthday love!

More tomorrow.


Hope said...

Don't you hate holding patterns and waiting? I know I do. Usually sweat tests are done in the pulmonology dept. When will you get results? (again, more waiting, I know.)
I hope you feel better!

Rebekah said...

Hope the sweat test is negative but that you get some answers somehow. Keeping you in my thoughts!

Lianna Knight said...

I just got your comment on my blog and I am actually IN JACKSONVILLE!!! I would love to chit chat more with you about S and the agency you went through. Please email me at Liannap@aol.com :) I think God put you in path...