Quick Health Update!

We just got back from a visit to S's favorite doctor, her pediatrician, Dr. V. Yesterday both M and I noticed that S seemed to take longer to process what we were asking her to do. When you ask her where her nose, ears, etc. were, she would look at you - pause and then respond. MUCH longer than before. It seemed to last quite a while - atleast most of yesterday afternoon and early evening. We were obviously concerned so I decided that I would call her pediatrician to see if she thought it was a big deal.

This morning when I got S up, she didn't look or sound good. She was fussy (it was early) and when she cried, she sounded like a seal. My first thought was croup. Actually, if the truth be told, it was "oh crap croup!" But she seemed to settle down. She was huffing and puffing, which isn't really normal I know...but she went with me to my weigh in appointment (down a total of 18 lbs! Yeah me!!) and then I took her to school.

Around 2:30 I couldn't stop thinking about S's delayed response, so I picked up my cell phone and it rang. It was Dr. V calling me!! No joke. She was calling to tell me that the neurosurgeon and nephrologist agreed to do a Flash MRI on S to see what was happening with her noggin. Her neurosurgeon would write a script for the MRI at our appt on Thursday. I explained what was going on with S and she wanted me to bring her in at 5pm. Just to be safe.

So....the long and short of it...

1. S has some fluid on her ears, but it is clear (not an infection) and might explain some of her delay but not all. Dr. V is going to let the neurosurgeon deal with that one on Thurs.

2. S might have croup or at least a cold. If she has any difficulty breathing again tonight, we MUST go to the ER. Because of her hypertension, treating croup would require steroids. Steriods increase blood pressure. S would have to be admitted for treatment.

3. S possibly has another UTI. We will be taking a trip to the lab tomorrow to see for sure. S is prone to them for some unknown reason and so we are suspicious since she seems in pain.

So there you go. Possible fluid is the cause of her delay. Possible croup but be ready for an ER trip and possibly a UTI.

A good time is definitely NOT being had by all.

And funny: Right as I was leaving the doc asked for my number. I said, "Come on Dr. V, you don't have us on speed dial yet?" She laughed and actually admitted that our number is the only patient one programmed on her cell phone. Yep, that's how often she calls us. At home. In the middle of the night. She's fantastic.


redheadmomma said...

Poor kiddo! Poor YOU! We are rootin' for S and hoping for the very best...hoping & praying for good health to your loving family!


Hope said...

I know this isn't easy and I'm sorry you're going through this. If it helps, I know how you're feeling. ((Hugs))