Happy Mother's Day!!

I(N) have been lucky enough to have wonderful women in my life...and have accumulated two new moms over the past 7 years.

Anita is M's mom! She is a fantastic cook, loves to garden, and loves her family more than anything. She has taught me many things and I wish we had more time to spend together. As it stands now, we see each other once a year. I wish we could communicate better (which is my fault for not learning to speak German - hopefully soon) and I look forward to seeing her soon.

Marg is my step-mom. She also loves to garden, knows an amazing amount of information about just about anything (would totally be my life-line on Who Wants to be a Millionaire), and manages to keep my Dad in line (no small task mind you - love you Dad!). Through her love and support (and help) my Dad has accomplished amazing things. We don't see her as much as we want to either.

And then...there is my Mom.
Seven years ago I remember sitting in a hospital waiting room with my brother not knowing if my mom would make it through the night. They wouldn't let us leave in case the worst happened, so we waited through 22 hours of surgery. She had her second open-heart surgery, coded 12 times, and managed to pull through and defy the odds. She is a miracle.

My mom and I had a rocky relationship when I was a teenager (common I know) and she was often a little demanding and a little high strung. But seven years ago that all changed. It's been a honor and privilege to watch her change and grow (come to think of it she probably feels the same about me!). Through a divorce, some recurring health issues, a new love, and an overall change in perspective - what a blessing these seven years have been! These were the seven years we never expected to have that night in the hospital.

It was through her love for me and M, that S entered our lives. My Mom, tired of watching us struggle with infertility, provided us with the funding to adopt S. It is because of her, that I am here to celebrate her as a mother! And because of her I get to be a mother! I am eternally grateful for both.

Thank you Anita, Marg and Mom for being such wonderful mothers.
Happy Mother's Day!!

As for me :

I have already slept in, enjoyed my wonderful breakfast cooked by the wonderful M, THREE Mother's Day cards, a dozen red roses and a new game for the Wii! I am still in my pajamas and plan on staying in them for the day. This is just what I wanted to do on this Mother's Day!

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Hope said...

I wanted to wish you a Happy Mothers Day. It looks like we are both going through some familiar issues. Our babies may not have the same symptoms, but they are still being tested for so much. Hang in there hun. You're not alone. ((Hugs))