Meatballs and Puppy

We went to IKEA for dinner (love me some Swedish meatballs) and some shopping. We bought S a new bedroom set for her big girl room. Her nursery is adorable but ready to be updated for a soon to be 2 year old. So we bought her a comforter set with a pillow and new curtains. Too cute and all for a whopping 35 bucks! I love, love IKEA!
S has an obsession lately with dogs. She has this little dog that she carries around just about everywhere. It barks and whines...which is slightly obnoxious at times, but she puts the puppy nite nite every night before bed. We left puppy in the car when we went into IKEA. S found this "puppy" to carry around. It was bigger than she was!!

When it was time to go, screams ensued because S didn't want to leave her "puppy." In a stroke of parenting genius, I decided to have her put "puppy" nite nite in one of the display beds. She was so cute...she hugged and kissed puppy and covered him up. Then we were able to leave IKEA. Love that girl!

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Lindsey said...

So sweet! Bekah loves dogs right now too. :)

Aren't you grateful for those "parenting genius" moments?! I only get them every few months, but when I do, it's like winning the lottery!